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Zig Bee wireless communication and its application advantages

By admin Date of issue: Mar 10,2023

1.What is the ZigBee communication Mode?

ZigBee is a short distance, low cost, low power two-way wireless communication technology. ZigBee data transmission module can form a wireless data transmission network through AD hoc networking, and each node can communicate with each other for data transmission. 

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2.Renesola micro inverter system adopts ZigBee wireless communication mode.

Energy communicator ECU and micro inverter are built in ZigBee module, micro inverse can not only directly communicate with energy communicator ECU, but also can forward each other, realizing network self-healing, multilevel jump, optimized path communication. Through this MESH communication network, energy communicator ECU will collect the energy generation data and upload it to Renesola EMA intelligent operation and maintenance platform through router or WIFI access. Users can check the system's power generation situation anytime and anywhere through terminal devices such as computers or mobile phones.

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In the micro inverter system, the MESH network topology has a flexible communication mode. During the communication, when one inverter fails, the data can be automatically transmitted along other inverters or directly with the energy communicator ECU, so that the communication problem of one inverter will not affect the communication of the whole system.

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3.Encrypted ZigBee communication It is worth mentioning that, in order to ensure the security of communication data, Renesola uses the 128-bit key AES encryption algorithm for ZigBee communication mode, to ensure the security of communication data. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a standard for encrypting electronic data formulated by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology. The application of this algorithm can ensure that only the receiver can see the information content. In terms of anti-interference, DSSS in-line spread spectrum is adopted, which has strong anti-interference ability. And SMA-CA mechanism is used, which can effectively avoid communication congestion and has strong system stability.

4.How many micro-inverts can one ECU connect to?

 ZigBee is a relatively low-cost communication mode. The point-to-point communication distance is generally between 10 and 100 meters, and the communication distance can be extended to more than 200 meters through routing and trunk. It is characterized by multi-path and grade-skipping. In the case of too many inverters (nodes) and far distance in ZigBee networks, the communication cycle will become longer due to multiple path attempts and multistage forwarding.         Therefore, in consideration of ZigBee communication quality and cycle, combined with actual project experience, it is recommended that an energy communicator ECU be connected to 80 microinverters, and a maximum of 200 microinverters be installed on one roof。


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