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Wireless industrial communication technology for industrial automation

By admin Date of issue: Oct 19,2022

Wireless industrial communication is also a hot topic in the field of automation. Industrial control companies have come to realize that wireless technology will be the next technology to take off, which will greatly improve factory efficiency and ensure user safety.

As wireless technology grows in popularity, vendors are offering a range of software and hardware technologies to help add communications capabilities to their products. These technologies support communication standards including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS (Global Positioning System), 5G, and WiMax (Global Microwave Access Interoperation). However, when adding wireless connectivity capabilities, the choice of chip and associated software (assuming the chosen implementation works and meets the associated demonstration requirements) can be extremely challenging. Even if a viable design is achieved, it may not be successful in the market if performance, power consumption, cost, and scale are not optimized. What's hot today may not be the best communication standards and what customers want, so choose software and hardware implementations that don't have to be adapted from scratch for each new generation of products.


There is no doubt about the trend of wireless technology into the industrial field, especially in the case where wired can not be used, wireless has the advantage. However, this requires the improvement of the performance of wireless technology itself, and the reliability, communication certainty, real-time, compatibility and other performance needs to be strengthened. So, in the near future, industrial wireless technology will remain an extension of traditional wired technology, with most meters and automation products embedded with wireless transmission capabilities. In the international research on wireless technology is still in the initial stage, and the relevant standards are also in the formulation, Chinese scientific research institutions are involved in it, which to a certain extent promotes the development of wireless technology in our process industry.

Because wireless technology is still in the stage of research and development and continuous improvement, functions are limited after all. Moreover, in the field of automation technology, there is no recognized and proven wireless technology standard for the application of reliable real-time control, especially in the case of short working cycle time. Therefore, the application scope of wireless technology can only be limited to data acquisition and monitoring (SCADA).


But as reliability increases, wireless technology will have a wider range of applications. Wireless communications will grow rapidly in the coming years, but wireless will not replace wired communications. Wired has stability, reliability and security will not disappear, wireless only in the wired is not convenient to implement or high cost to replace the wired solution. If wireless and wired organically combine, both sides play to their own advantages, will provide a new way to increase productivity. Wired communication is used where wired communication is suitable, and wireless communication is used where wireless communication is suitable. Since both wired and wireless communication support TCP/IP protocol, the two communication methods can be organically combined to play their respective strengths and improve production efficiency.

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