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What are Mini-PCIe cards

By admin Date of issue: Nov 01,2022

In recent years, the term "space utilization rate" has attracted more and more attention. From panel design to house decoration, people have begun to consider more functions in limited space. Similarly, the change of Ethernet card interface specifications is also moving towards this aspect.


At the begin,we need to figure out what is PCI bus.PCI bus is developed from ISA bus. ISA parallel bus has two modes: 8-bit and 16 bit. The clock frequency is 8MHz, and the working frequency is 33MHz/66MHz. It is a synchronous 32-bit or 64 bit local bus independent of the processor. From the perspective of structure, PCI is a primary bus inserted between the CPU supplier and the original system bus. Specifically, a bridge circuit is used to manage this layer and realize the interface between the upper and lower levels to coordinate data transmission.


Mini PCIe is an interface based on PCIe bus,which adopts the current popular point-to-point serial connection in the industry. Literally, it is easy for the public to see that Mini PCIe is actually a smaller version of PCIe, with a smaller structure, and is mainly applicable to security platforms that require compact chassis space. Because of the smaller physical structure design, the space utilization will be greatly improved.


Known this,you may ask,will the design of the Mini PCIe affect its performance?In fact,this is what Wallys needs to tell everyone. Despite the size is smaller, it has huge energy!


DR7915 is a net card recently launched by Wallys,based on MT7915 + MT7975 Chipset,is an enterprise wireless module integrated with 2x2 2.4G high power Radio module and 2x2 5G high power Radio module designed specifically to provide users with mobile access to high-bandwidth video streaming, voice, and data transmission for office and challenging RF environment infactories, warehousese stablishment.Compared with the conventional PCIe bus interface Ethernet card, its performance is no inferior.

It supports both 2.4g and 5g. It supports openwrt. For more information about DR7915, visit its introduction page.



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