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Qualcomm IPQ6018

By admin Date of issue: Jul 22,2022

IPQ6018 is the latest generation OF IPQ6000 series WiFi access point/wireless router solution launched by Qualcomm, a leading WLAN chip manufacturer in the industry. It supports WiFi5, also known as IEEE802.11ax. The chipset consists of WiFi subsystem, network processing subsystem and CPU subsystem. Different from the previous generation of 802.11AC Wave2 schemes such as IPQ4018 and IPQ4019, IPQ6018 does not integrate the RF part of WiFi, but adopts the separation of rf and baseband, which is estimated to reduce the heat of the chipset.


IPQ6018 has rich peripheral interfaces, which can meet various business needs and evolve into a variety of product forms. IPQ6018 have a PCIe three generation of interface, a USB 3.0 interface, a USB 2.0 interface, SPI/I2C/UART serial interface (optional), 2 SDIO interface, I2S/TDM/PCM/PDM/Soundwire interface. IPQ6018 supports 16/32 DDR3L/4, up to 1866/2133MT/s, and supports parallel NAND Flash and serial NOR Flash. In addition, IPQ6018 also supports advanced power management with low operating and standby power consumption, making it ideal for carrier gateways and enterprise-class wireless aps.

 WiFi subsystem

The antenna configuration5GHz: 2 x 2 MIMO, 80MHz channel bandwidth
2.4GHz: 2 x 2 MIMO, 40MHz channel bandwidth
802.11 ac modeThe physical layer speed of the 5GHz band can reach 866.7Mbps
The physical layer speed in the 2.4GHz band can reach 400Mbps
Support su-MIMO and MU-MIMO 3.2US
OFDM symbol length 0.4us and 0.8us protection interval
802.11 ax modeThe physical layer speed of the 5GHz band can reach 1201Mbps
The physical layer speed of the 2.4GHz band can reach 573.5Mbps
Supports SU-MIMO, upstream and downstream MU-MIMO, and upstream and downstream OFDMA
12.8 US symbol length 0.8us, 1.6us and 3.2us protection interval
802.11 a/b/g/nsupport

Network subsystem

IPQ6018's network subsystem is a high-performance, high-throughput programmable network processing engine, which can greatly reduce the burden of the main processor and is very suitable for carrier paid services, such as voice calls and video calls, which can ensure zero packet loss. IPQ6018 has two SerDes interfaces for connecting to external Ethernet PHY. One SerDes interface supports 6.25/5/3.125/1.25Gbps and works in PSGMII, QSGMII, SGMII+, or SGMII modes. Another SerDes interface can work in SGMII+ or SGMII mode.

CPU subsystem

ARM Cortex A53, 1.8ghz, quad-core

32KB/32KB I$/D$, 512KB L2$

Supports 64-bit floating point arithmetic and NEON SIMD DSP extensions for enhanced audio, voice, and video processing capabilities

Support encryption instruction

Peripheral interface

One PCI Express 3g interface

One USB 3.0 port

One USB 2.0 port

Multiple optional serial interfaces: SPI, UART, I2C

Parallel NAND and display interface

Serial NOR Flash interface

SD/eMMC interface

Supports 16/32 DDR3L (1800MT/s) or DDR4 (2133MT/s)


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