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IPQ4019 IPQ4029 IPQ4018 802.11ac

By admin Date of issue: May 31,2022

IPQ40x8/IPQ40x9 is the industry's first Wave 2 802.11AC SoC WiFi solution from Qualcomm Atheros, representing another leap forward in home wireless networking. It is understood that the chip models included in this series are IPQ4018, IPQ4019, IPQ4028 and IPQ4029. Ipq40x8/40x9 is Qualcomm Atheros' latest smart gateway platform that supports dual-band 2X2 MIMO, enabling manufacturers to bring Wave 2 802.11AC into the mainstream.


IPQ40x8/IPQ40x9 supports multiple configurations: dual 5GHz, 2.4ghz + 5GHz, and even supports 60GHz band through PCI Express interface. Meanwhile, IPQ40X8/40X9 has rich peripheral interfaces, including USB 3.0, LCD, SD/eMMC, multi-channel audio interface, LTE and Ethernet.

IPQ40x8/IPQ40x9 main features

Integrated quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor

Integrate FPU and NEON

Support the SPI Flash

Support ONFI

Support SD/MMC Flash

Supports 8/16-bit DDR3 dimms with a maximum access speed of 1333MT/s

Integrated 2.4ghz (or 5GHz) 802.11AC + 5GHz Wave 2 802.11AC

Each WiFi band has its own processor

Integrated Ethernet switch

Hardware NAT engine

Support Traffic Steering

Provides one PCI Express interface

It has 1 PSGMII/SGMII interface

Provides one USB 3.0 port

USB 2.0 interface

With I2S/TDM interface

PCM/SPDIF interface

Provides I2C interfaces

With SPI interface

UART interface

Provides one RGMII interface

Provides two RMII interfaces


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