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A Brief History of Wireless Communication

By admin Date of issue: May 13,2022

A Brief History of Wireless Communication

Since the use of smoke signals, flags and flashing mirrors in the pre historic period, Wireless communication has been a part of human life and it is continuously evolving. Modern Wireless Communication i.e., using electrical signals and radio waves for communication has been around us for more than 100 years.


In the year 1897, Guglielmo Marconi successfully demonstrated the Wireless Telegraphy by sending EM Waves for a short distance of 100 meters. This demonstration paved way for Radio Communication and the term Radio is derived from Radiant Energy.


By early 1900's, Trans Atlantic radio transmission had been established, where Marconi successfully transmitted messages in the form of Morse code. Since then, the technology related to wireless communication and wireless system has advanced rapidly and thus enabling transmissions over longer distances at low cost with cheaper devices.


Throughout the development of wireless communication, there are many wireless systems and methods that flourished and many got disappeared. The best example for this is Telephone Communication and Television Transmission. Initially, all telephone related communication was carried out (and still is) using wired network , which we call it as Landline Telephone.


But the rapid growth of Mobile Communication started to replace the complex wired telephone system. In this scenario, the wired technology became outdated and got replaced by wireless communication.


Another scenario where wireless communication got replaced by wired communication is Television broadcasting. In the early days, television signals were broadcasted using wireless radio transmitters. But this setup got replaced by cable television.


These two examples point out that with the development of technology, we always have to choose what's best for the situation i.e., in some areas we have to use wired communication whereas in the other, going for wireless may be a better option.

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